Learning about One Day Car Insurance

A vehicle driven in the UK must be properly insured. This coverage must be intentionally for the car that you are going to drive. There will be no excuse if something bad happens; there will be no claim of "just borrowing my friend's car for a little while".

Fines and jail time abound in the UK due to lack of insurance coverage. Many times when a driver drives another car than their personal one, they are not aware that that car must be insured for them while they are using it.

Many situations can result in the need to borrow a car from a friend or relative. Car repair is an example that might result in this need. This problem entails the purchase of insurance coverage. This is why there are one day car insurance policies available. These policies are good for a time period of up to 28 days.

One Day Car Insurance
Adding another driver to an existing policy is expensive, and can cause additional fees if cancelled early. If you have a no claims bonus on your current rider, this might be null and void if someone has an accident in your car; the opposite is true as well. Your annual policy would not be affected in any way if covered by a daily insurance policy.

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Filling out a simple online form and paying a fee by credit card produces instant coverage as well as proof of policy documents that can be printed out. These documents show proof to law enforcement hat you are covered to drive that car. Driving illegally is serious and dangerous; it can result in property loss, heavy fines or jail time, or even injury or death. These negatives can be eliminated by simply buying a one day car insurance car insurance policy.

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